Trooper smp (1)

how do i get the trooper smp (1) on replit working agen, it was just a hang out at my school.

The reason why your server no longer works is because Microsoft, the parent company of Mojang, has filed a DCMA Report on Eaglercraft for breaking and infringing copyright laws and bypassing restrictions placed by Microsoft.

This includes creations made with/for Eaglercraft in mind, that means that such servers hosted on Replit will not work anymore. We recommend you to delete the Repl hosting the server as well, as this could get Replit into huge legal trouble with Microsoft.

Additional note here:
I checked your Repls and it looks like you also host games that aren’t owned by you and proxies that are used to bypass school firewalls and restrictions.

This breaks 2 of Replit’s Terms of Service, in Section 5, Item 1 and Section 4, Item 24 respectively:

Section 5, Item 1:

User Content that infringes a third party’s rights (e.g., copyright) according to applicable law;

Section 4, Item 24:

Use the Service to create a proxy with the purpose of circumventing any firewall or other access control measure;

I also recommend you to remove the Repls that break the terms if you want your account to remain unbanned.

but that was the best server with my friends across the U.S.A! Is there a nother way to get that server back???

I’m afraid there isn’t a way to do it legally on Replit.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the server will come back up anytime soon.

Take your time to find another suitable server or medium that does not infringe/have any relations with content that break copyright laws.

:frowning: but it sated on the home screen “all rights reserved” !

If you are talking about your server, they are not allowed to be on Replit as they break international and Microsoft’s copyright laws.

If you are talking about the Repl games, you will need to link to the original creator’s website or any of their social contacts.

not the server. the whole thing! the system! eagteck made it! and it sead that!

You seem to be misinformed on how copyright works, and more specifically, how it’s violated with EaglerCraft.

probably… but isint the mario game copy right?

Eagteck may have created the server, but he didn’t create the game. Mojang owns the rights to the game.

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tru… ill tell my friends the bad news… well have to go on the online servers ._.
(i hate those servers lol) thanks!