Transpiler Collaboration (Python to C++)

So I’m making a transpiler that converts Python code to C++ code.

If you would like to join, please state why you want to join this collaboration, the skills you have, and optionally code snippets/repls that contain helpful code.

Please note I am allowing only 4 people into the collaboration.

I would also like help with:

  • deciding the name and logo of the transpiler
  • helpful tips and advice for making the transpiler
  • deciding the language we will make the transpiler in

Repl Link: N/A*

* Repl will be created after name and language are chosen

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what language will be used for the project?

He doesn’t know yet.


oh ok I didnt read that lol

primitive vers but I think these are what you are looking for. Otherwise, completely impossible to do which is why no one has done it before

Reddit - Dive into anything talks about cython and I feel it’s almost impossible with hardcode & ai is too unreliable


Nothing’s impossible, honestly I don’t see why this would be insanely difficult, Python has strict typing, you could just require data type descriptors (idk what they’re actually called).


I know nothing’s impossible but I’m saying it’ll be very difficult