Transform Code apply button goes off screen

If your selected code is near the bottom of your screen, the apply button will be off screen… I have a 16:10 main screen

workaround is to resize your code window until you see it, or right click the selected code a little higher… you have to remember the button should be there though.

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Can you send me a screenshot of your entire screen with this issue?

I tried to reproduce the issue… It turned out to be a problem exacerbated by my dual screen ZenBook Duo, which has a second screen in the bottom… I had super sized Replit to take up both screens with terminals and git panes on the bottom screen. Then I opened another browser on the bottom screen, and forgot replit was under there… only improvement would be to try to keep the pop-up within the IME.

But that’s a bit much to ask, a very esoteric problem.

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