Transferring Repls to New Email

I have previously been using a student email on this website, but the email will soon expire now that I have graduated. I am looking for a way to transfer all of my repls to the new email and account I will be using. Am I overlooking something here, or is this even a possibility?
I would appreciate any advice or help, thanks.

Hi @BraedenKrejci, welcome to the community!

Have you tried forking all of your old Repls? It’s a bit of a long process if you have a lot of Repls but it should work.


Hey @QwertyQwerty88!
Yeahhh, I just read something about that. Is there any way to fork a whole folder at once, or is it an individual Repl command? Either way, it shouldn’t take more than maybe half an hour to an hour, but doing it in bulk sure would be convenient.


Well folders only show up for the account you’re currently using.

You can request a #support:feature-requests to be able to fork multiple Repls at once.

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Alright @QwertyQwerty88, I really appreciate your help and the quick replies. I guess I will just have to pick and choose, and get to forking.
Thank you again!


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