Transfering code from NetBeans to Replit

Ive been learning java in NetBeans following MOOC, but my java class requires us to use Replit for submitting programs.

I have a couple basic programs (addition and multiplication) I want to transfer over, but have no idea due to the languages being different… Any idea how to do this?

ah you can download all of them and upload the files into a repl :slight_smile: There are some more complicated ways that involve using both apis but I think that’s the most simple

forgive me, but I have no clue what I am doing.
I have tried to upload the src folder, but when running the java file it gets errors.
I tried making a rar file and uploading to github and having Replit upload the rar file…

I feel like this is simple… I just have no idea what do to.

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ah can you try just copying the code from the file and into a repl?

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