Transferencia de archivos / Data transference


El día de hoy estaba trabajando tranquilamente en replit cuando de repente me salto un aviso de que mi límite de transferencia de archivos se había superado. Me gustaría saber si alguien me puede explicar que es esto y como podría liberar espacio o uso de esta, ya que estuve bastantes repls, pero en cima aumento.
He supuesto que sería la cantidad de datos que se mandan de los servidores de replit a los usuarios de la web u otros, pero si alguien me lo explica detalladamente mejor.

Gracias de antemano y que tengáis un buen día.


Today I was working quietly on replit when suddenly I got a warning that my file transfer limit had been exceeded. I would like to know if someone can explain to me what this is and how I could free up space or use it, since I had a lot of repls, but on top it increases.
I have assumed that it would be the amount of data that is sent from the replit servers to web users or others, but if someone explains it to me in better detail.

Thanks in advance and have a nice day.

It may be a egress issue. You can check it by navigating to your account dropdown and clicking on “Account”. Scroll down till you find “Resource Usage” and it should look something like this.

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Yeah, but it puts that I’m using 10’6 GiB of 10 GiB and I only have like 5 replits. It can be because of java nodes?

It could be, Java Repls are known to take up a lot of storage, even if there isn’t a lot of code in them.


Ok, I can do something to take less storage from that repls?

Hey @Prozoon700!

It looks like your Egress usage has reached it’s limit. Egress is how much data leaves your Repl, e.g.: an HTTP server or a Discord Bot. You can wait until your Egress resets (noted on the page) or you can upgrade your plan to increase the limit:

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