Transfer Limit Help

I bought Hacker plan for the extra out-band transfer limit, however when the transfer limit reset on the 1st, 25gbs of limit went away. I dont know if this is a bug or intentional, thank you

What is your current limit and what do you expect it to be? The Hacker plan should have 50GB of outbound data transfer. If there was more than that then you either purchased additional outbound data separately or it somehow merged the free and Hacker data from last month (though free is 10 not 25 so :person_shrugging: ).

It says I only have 38.8 gbs even tho it says i have hacker below the storage.

There is less then it says on the prices page, on the page it says 50 gb and i havent bought any extra limit

So you bought Hacker last month? If you bought it this month then this is an intended behavior.

yes i bought it last month, will the limit come back to the normal 50gb whenever it renews?

I don’t know why it is doing this then.