Traceback errors no longer color-coded and undetected by ghostwriter, bugged import statement warning

Sorry if I’m covering too many issues in one post, but it seems that a lot of new issues have appeared after the recent update.

First, my import statement is getting the warning “Import block is un-sorted or un-formatted”. I figure this is a bug because it appears even when I use a lone import statement. Is there a way to silence this warning?

Second (more importantly), traceback errors are displaying to the console as if they are regular print statements rather than red, and in some cases ghostwriter is not recognizing them as errors. This has made debugging much more cumbersome. Is there any way to fix this without using an repl environment from before the update?

This is not a bug. This is because you have two new lines between your import and the rest of your code.

Not sure, might be a way in .replit but you could disable all code intelligence.

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The traceback errors are coming from the variable four not being assigned a value like 3.

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first put
four = 4 and then put
and after that delete 1 space at the start

Thanks for pointing out the extra line. Removing it has silenced the warning.

Sorry for the confusion, this snippet was meant to have that error on purpose for demonstration. The error shows like a print statement as if I had used some kind of exception handling.

Here’s what I was expecting to happen, which I get when I run the code in an older environment.

Do errors just display in white now? And do you know if there any way to change it

You can change that by:

Clicking on themes and then either searching a theme or creating a theme:

And then change the negative to whatever colour you want your errors to be.

Hope this helps!

This is actually a side-effect of prybar not being available anymore, so changing your theme will not help in this scenario.


Thanks for the reply, does that mean there is no way to revert back?