Touch and drag does not work


I am trying to drag some files into a new folder on the Replit app and it does not work. I try to hold the file and drag and it stops after a millisecond. I cannot drag it by touch.

Will this be fixed soon?


Welcome to the community, @Warren2023! Can you please send me a loom video or smth that shows what you mean?

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Hello, welcome
As what @JayAySeaOhBee14 said, you should record a loom and send it so we can see whats going on


Happy to do that but what is a ‘loom’?


I have experienced something similar on my ipad. IF you wait and the finger is properly placed eventually a square will pop up to the where the files is moved. But it takes time … too much.
If you work on an ipad, best to connect a mouse … if on a phone. Not sure

Loom video

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I’ve come to the conclusion that the app is unusable without a mouse. Luckily I have a BT mouse in the draw so I am using that.



Sorry the link wasn’t public. It is now.

Are you on a computer?

Sorry I forgot to say that this is on an Android tablet. I’ve just realised that Replit does not work for tablets (boo!) so I am closing this thread.

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