Total novice question - deployment for simple game

Hi - I am a very novice user. So please be kind! I am building something for my kids as a fun “gift” for easter. I usually do treasure hunts around the house for easter baskets but this year as they are grown and out of the house, I thought it would be a cool thing to create an old school text adventure game that simulated that experience. I dove into Python and have a working model that does all the things I want it to, but I’m stumped by the deployment process. It seems like it’s a bit more challenging than actually writing the program. I could just share my console screen, but it would be much cooler if I could give them a site to go to and play it without the noise of the code and toolbars etc.

Am I biting off more than I can chew? I certainly don’t want to buy a premium account just to run into a wall of coding I can’t quite handle.

Hey @kifscheuer welcome to the forums!

You cant deploy a console program. Since you are a beginner it would be harder to convert it to something that can be integrated into a website. I would recomend seeing if you can implement it before deploying as there are still a couple months untill easter.


It’s so sad. This feature was removed so you can’t do this anymore. You might just wanna sit down with them and maximize the console so it’s big screen.

You might wanna make a website instead (you can use static or autoscale deployments for it, depending on the Repl type), and then it’ll 100% be accessible on the web. Or you can just write a Batch file and run it on your computer. Or run Python on your computer.

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Thanks for the quick reply - can you clarify what you mean by implement before deploying? My entire program is one script. I need to tune up the features, but I was thinking I’d figure out how to get it out while also working on the details since it’s not going to change except in level of detail.

I was already leaning towards what you suggest (just sharing the code and then having them minimize the code side), but what you say after is appealling. If I use static or autoscale (which requires a subscription) is it pretty easy to launch the website from the simple python script I have? When I looked at pythonanywhere and started to explore those steps I got kind of overwhelmed.

I also did create an executible (batch?) on my computer which sort of works, but I can’t share that with them where they are.

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Well not quite. You still need to set up a webserver in your Python code like Flask. This would be if you wrote a website (in HTML, CSS, and JS) and hosted it with Flask (Autoscale) or didn’t use Python/Flask at all (Static).

If you’ve finished the game, I can turn the Python into a simple website version if you want me to. Then you can deploy it.

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For real? That would be amazing.

I was going to deploy a working, but incomplete model so I could be sure I knew how that part works. But I still have a number of details to add (specific items to find and puzzles to solve).

If you are offering, I should probably finish it completely first so as not to take up your time giving you multiple versions to stand up (unless that’s easy to update).

Let me know what you think.

So kind!


I could make it modular where you could just go in and paste the object/dictionary of questions and choices maybe?

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You don’t have to deploy it using python (unless it is a flask app). You can directly share them the repl so they can fork and run it, allowing them to play the game as normal. :wink:

Also, I have a paid plan, and if you want, I can deploy it under your name and give you the link. All you need is the flask app and the link to the repl and i can help. My username is AndrewDeng3.

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They don’t have that. As said it is a console game.


Unfortunately, you are not allowed to do deployment for a console-based game. It is technically possible to integrate it into a website but very hard and not worth the time.

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Thanks so much for clarifying. I definitely don’t think my little home project is worth that effort.

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