Too Long Compile time c++

I’m currently evaluating PRO plan on Replit and i have to wait 4 seconds for just one “Hello World” code to compile on C++ replit . i’m on super fast 500 mg internet and it’s just unaccaptably too long and have to know if that is normal behaviour just need to know real authentic response to only this . it is awsome that i get ghostwriter ,no complaints there but i upgraded from Hacker to pro and happy to pay $20 a month but almost 5 seconsts wait for simple code to compile . do not know if i can accapt it . please do not leave this post unresponded . as i’m evaluating Replit and need to know if i should explore other options or it’s just a technical bug /issue that can be will be corrected. i couldn’t find the way to attach video as demonstration to the post but will do if ncessary by other means .


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I am on the unpaid plan but c++ does take a while to load for me as well.

4 seconds really isn’t that long, compilation is never going to be instant. Bear in mind, when you press run, your device is sending a request to Replit’s machines to start compiling via the Makefile, then Replit’s Linux machines use the resources provided (for the Pro plan I believe it is 4 vCPUs and 4 GB RAM) to compile the code, then start executing the code, and send the output, in real-time, to your device.

I believe at the recently there may been issues relating to users with paid plans not being allocated the correct amount of resources, which if that is the case, you may be experiencing slower compilation times than you would normally.

Regardless, I really don’t think 4 seconds is an issue, it’s definitely not an insane duration. Also having just personally tested it a few times, a new C++ Repl with the default Hello World! code takes at maximum 3 seconds to compile for me, and obviously once compiled, rerunning is very fast.

Also, just wondering, did you mean 500 mbs rather than mg?


Hi , thx for heads up , i’m not sure if you work for Replit but i do not think , honestly that 4 seconds compiletime is normal if i’m paying £20 . when i first started using Replit free account recently it was exactly same 4 seconds compile time . then i went for MAX PRO Plan and it’s no chage . it’s a joke …
do you work at Replit ? …

Problem description:
I’m on pro plan .even small 3 file project(main.cpp , 2nd.cpp . h file) 20 lines of code on each file takes 6 seconds to compile

Expected behavior:

1 second or less compile time .

Actual behavior:

Steps to reproduce:

Bug appears at this link:

Device (OS X Monterey 12.6 , iOS, n/a leave blank):
Plan (Pro Plan):

Most of us do not. The ones that do should have the title " Replit Staff" here.

As for the compile time, yes compilation will be made faster by more resources, but there’s an upper limit to that, and I suspect C++ simply can’t compile any faster.


it does. Run in Shell on a base C++ repl

time(make -Bs)

If you don’t get a value <=1.0, run kill 1 to reboot and you will. The slowest I’ve got is indeed 4.6.


Hey all!

I tested compiling the default “Hello World” template for C++ and used @UMARismyname’s time command to test how long it took. On the Hacker cluster, compile time was stable around 1s. On the free cluster, it ranged from 2-7 seconds, and averaged at about 3-4. Is this the same trend people are seeing?

I believe that this would be intended as the resources of the free plan are limited and less powerful than the Hacker cluster.


i have the same problem with next js projects, it takes lot of time to load even the strarter template, Pro plan

Loading Repls would more depend on your own network speed, not Replit.

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