To say weather number is odd or even


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To test whether a number is odd or even, you can use the mathematic “modulo” (remainder) operation. In python, you can use if varname%2==0: #Number is even to test if the number is even.


in python:

x = 5
if x % 2:
  print("it's odd")
  print("it's even")

You can find how many digits are in the number using len and then subtract one to get the index of the last digit.

number = input("Number? > ")
last = len(number) - 1

and then check if the last digit of the number is 0,2,4,6 or 8

if (
  number[last] == "0"
  or number[last] == "2"
  or number[last] == "4"
  or number[last] == "6"
  or number[last] == "8"
  print(number, "is even")
  print(number, "is odd")
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This is unorthodox (and also only works on strings) - the most recommended way is to use the modulus operator (which is % most of the time) by 2.

6 % 2 // 0 - 6 is even
4 % 2 // 0 - 4 is even
9 % 2 // 1 - 9 is odd

True, but that you can just str() the number, no?

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Again, unorthodox. There is no real reason to have to cast it to a string just to see if the number is even if there are better ways that require it to not be a string, but instead just a regular number.


Yes i had another version that first took the number as an int, then cast it as a string to use len. But I just shortened it to this version instead. And I was just offering another method other than using %.

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