"to" is incorrectly being highlighted as java keyword

Problem description:
When using the default dark theme while programming in java, I noticed that the word “to” was being highlighted blue like the keywords, despite the fact that it is not a reserved word (Java Keywords), has no particular use, and is even useable as a variable name. No matter where it is typed, or whether or not it is a variable name, it is still always blue.
When using custom themes, it is given the “Keywords” highlighting and not the “Type Names” (data type) highlighting, which confirms it is not being confused with an object type.

On a side note, regex is no longer being highlighted pink like it used to be. Is that intentional? I saw it while using the “edit theme” interface

Expected behavior:
The word “to” is treated like any other “normal” word. It’s not highlighted like a keyword.

Actual behavior:
“to” is highlighted like a keyword. Doesn’t matter where you type it. Whether you spam it, use it as a variable name or pretend it’s a method, it is still highlighted the same.

Steps to reproduce:
Create any (simple) java program and name one of the variables “to”. Run it and see if it causes an error (it shouldn’t).
To confirm it’s not being confused with a data type, create a custom theme and change the colour of data types. All objects and variables (such as int, String, double) will change but “to” won’t.
Type “to” anywhere and it will still be the same colour except in strings and comments.

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Hello there, can you please send us a screenshot of this and the theme you’re using?

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For the theme, I made the names of the variables/data types purple, but otherwise it’s the same as the default dark theme.

“to” is the name of a variable name. It shouldn’t be blue here.

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Thank you, I’ve passed this along to the engineering team.


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