TL3 Perks As A TL2

Is there possibly a way for me to get TL3 perks as TL2? The perks I’m talking about are changing peoples posts and changing the category type not the TL3 pin on my profile and what not. I have seen a lot of grammatical errors lately and incorrect catorgies, I want to help people find their solution but it is hard when it isn’t in the right place. I don’t want to pin mods and/or staff to change it in fear of it being not the right place to pin them. Best regards @SalladShooter. Have a nice day :grinning:!


Editing post-bodies can only be done by TL4+. Either way this is not possible in Discourse. And even if it was we would not do this because it is unfair to others. If you continue to be active you will automatically be promoted to Tl3


Ok, thank you for the info @not-ethan!

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