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Hey, so I was reading about the discourse trust levels and realized that replit has edited them heavily. I’ve noticed that @prisems received it after visiting for ~14 days in a row. I have not received it while visiting for more days and I realize this is probably due to some of my posts being flagged for offensive, so I was wondering:

  1. what are the exact number of days and requirements for the TLs in this specific ask forum
  2. Will I be able to achieve TL3?

cc: @not-ethan you should know cause your cool :sunglasses:


the obvious reasoning :sunglasses:


Yes I do know but. But we are not allowed to share them publicly.


oh… why not… could you dm me?


Its to prevent people from gaming the system. And I cant message you them either. Im not allowed to share it with anybody that’s no Replit staff or mods (even though I am the only mod)


oh… I see, but am I able to get to a higher level (don’t tell me how, just whether or not)?


Hi @bigminiboss thanks for your question.

  1. We don’t share this information because - and you are correct - it varies based on flagging, official warnings, etc. However I want to highlight that admins review any adjustments to TLs regularly (monthly, not daily) and promote / hold / demote as appropriate.

  2. Every user should be able to achieve TL3 unless they have been banned.

As the use of Replit Ask has increased significantly in the last 9 months we are currently discussing making further changes to the TL requirements. Once we’ve agreed these I’ll post about it for transparency, but as @not-ethan said, I want to be careful to protect against users gaming the system.

Hope this helps!


Thank you I just wanted to know if I would get it because I’m an active member :stuck_out_tongue:


Just wait and continue participating over time, not necessarily nearly as much as you are now (keyword Regular), and you should get TL3. I was in a similar situation before, being above TL3s in the cheers leaderboard while staying TL2, but then I may have got there quicker if I was more generous with the likes


Well, too late to be of any use as I forgot to press send, but I wrote a response yesterday :joy:

As mentioned in the below post, the requirements are not public.
Visiting x amount of days in a row is not a requirement though. You have to visit 50 out of 100 days with default settings. Doesn’t have to be consecutive


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Just wanted to briefly open this topic up again to post an update.

We recently altered the requirements to achieve TL3 on Ask.

One of the reasons for this was, because of the nature of this forum, some users were achieving TL3 for minimum input whereas others who contributed in a slightly different way (for example, longer single posts to support users) were still at TL2. We feel that the changes will address this.

We aren’t going to share what the new requirements are publicly for the same reasons as posted above however I want to assure you that we look closely at who is and isn’t promoted from TL2 to 3 regularly and we will adjust the requirements again if we feel groups of users are not being promoted who really should be.

Thank you for your interest in this!