Tkinter not loading properly

I am having issues with tkinter not loading on my repls while not at school, this has hindered my progress on my project and are wondering how to fix this?

Hello @MrTumble1, welcome to Replit Ask!

Can you provide a screenshot of what’s happening, or elaborate on the problem you are having with Tkinter? There has been an issue with Tkinter in the past week or so, so it may be that.

This is all that pops up when I try and run my program, no matter what repl I make or look at this happens

Yep, that is an on-going issue. I have seen that with a lot of different posts. Sorry for the inconvenience but you’ll just have to wait until Replit fixes it. :frowning_face:

Some possibilities:
Clicking Try again while the program is running may solve the problem if your network is not causing it.
Otherwise, your network is most likely blocking the Output domain (* Try on a different network or unblock it.

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@MrTumble1 I checked your account and I’m not seeing any issues. Make sure to clear your browser cache (or use another browser), and flush your DNS (or change it to something like Then go ahead and run the Repl, and refresh the output.