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Hey people,

it’s Hugo! Some weeks ago Replit launched something new… The Tipping Leaderboard! As everyone might have seen, Replit implemented tips some time ago, and they are great! I was actually the person who suggested to be able to tip with cycles.

Tips not only engage the people who create content on Replit to keep going on, but they also make people happy when they receive one. The tipping leaderboard is not for the people with the most tips, but for the people who have tipped the most. If you tip a large quantity of cycles like 4k you could be on the leaderboard, in fact if you tipped 3.7k cycles today you would be on the leaderboard.

To get to the leaderboard, simply go to the community page, and you will be able to see it below the Community Hub picture. Currently the 5 biggest tippers are :

I’m on the 24th place with 3.6k. If you want to be on that leaderboard, start tipping!

Documentation and Terms Links :

And that’s today’s update! I’m Hugo, also known as Hugoonreplit, Replit Nerd | Spanish Channel Leader | Replit Rep Alumni Cohort 1


Awesome update man! Keep updating.

Nice! I’m a tad poor though :sweat_smile:

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Thanks @sonicx180, I love your repls!

You do? They barely make sense :laughing:

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