Tinder automation (selenium or seleniumbase)

Why I cannot enter Tinder.com website using Selenium or Seleniumbase?

I only get a red screen with moving (pulsing) Tinder logo.

I am run Replit form IPhone

from flask import Flask, Response
from seleniumbase import Driver

app = Flask(__name__)

def tinder_task():
  driver = Driver(uc=True)
  driver.get ("https://www.tinder.com/es")

  page_source = driver.page_source

  return page_source

def tinder_endpoint():
  page_source = tinder_task()
  return Response(page_source, mimetype='text/html')

if __name__ == '__main__':

Can you share a repl link?
This is likely a cors issue.

Alternatively, some websites can detect if selenium is running, and do not display the main content.


This is why on second try I switched from selenium to seleniumbase (with UC parameter), that has antidetection feature

It’s trying to get the assets from your website, instead of tinder, what is it that you are trying to do.
I mean you can make it proxy or maybe replace links idk.

And do I understand right, that Replit won’t do it without Flask server?

Are you trying to host tinder on a different link?

It was not my original intention, but since the code is running remotely, I don’t know what browser the server uses. So I come to using Flask. Also that is surprising that the code with Flask works without need of downloading Selenium driver.

Well, flask hosts a website like tinder, if your wish is to create a program which automates something, you don’t need it.

Yes, but how can I run it on Replit?
Actually, it would be supercool to get to the code access to my browser on iPhone (how?) then download the driver to Replit directory. Will it work?