Tidy up HTML so that it is indented properly in TEAMS projects

There used to be a button to tidy up HTML for Teams projects. But now it’s gone.
Or am I nuts?
Or is it hidden?


I remember that too. But I cant find it… Mabey it was removed or we are both blind

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This button formats HTML, C++, and a bunch of other programming languages to the correct format in each Repl. It is not on every language but is on HTML.

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OK! I can only see it when logged in AS A STUDENT
The button IS there.
Just not when I’m logged in as the admin
Student account

Admin account

The button often takes a while to ‘load in’, it isn’t always there immediately. Sometimes you may have to wait a bit before it will show up.

I haven’t seen the button at all recently, regardless of whether I’m logged in using a teacher account or a student account. Any word on this?