Thumbnail of topic should be title and last message

Describe your feature request
I think think that the thumbnail of topics on Replit Ask should not only have the topic’s title, but the most recent message too.
What problem(s) would this feature solve?
This feature would solve the problem of not knowing if the prrson still needs help. In responding to topics and helping others on Replit ask, I realised that even though some people have already helped the user, the user still requires more help. However, I, for instance, did not know that and skipped the topic, thinking that others already helped the user. However, after revisiting the topic later, I found out that the user still had some queries, but I did not know that.
Explain what you were trying to do when you came across the problem leading to this feature request
Said above.

I agree with you, @NateDhaliwal . When you’re on COMMUNITY, you could already have helped that person but not solved the problem or you could be, ‘Hey, someone already helped him/her, so I don’t have to.’ But that person would be confused, like, ‘Why isn’t anyone helping me?’ Right? So I think that this feature would really make a difference, especially when someone’s in a rush to get help, like I was yesterday when I asked for help with my code. Thankfully, a few people responded. So thank you, guys, for responding. I had my test earlier and I passed!


the “Solved” plugin “solves” that:

and you should request this on Meta

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Yes. For example, if the user posts the topic as well as another post in the topic to clarify his previous post, people would see the ‘1’ next to the topic and will think: ‘Oh, someone is already helping him, I don’t need to.’. This is wrong as like I said, it could be the same person posting again.

so you’re agreeing with me?

so you’re not agreeing with me?

It’s a bit of both, really. Then again, I’m not arguing with you, I’m just stating my views.

well you shouldn’t assume that person doesn’t need help unless there is, like I said, the solved checkbox next to the title


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I raised this issue in the main Discourse forum, and they said that it was an available feature, but that Replit Ask probably did not turn it on. Can someone take a look at this?

Please do not ping staff to look at something, they will see it in some time.

And people on meta are right since a theme component for it exists Topic List Thumbnails - theme-component - Discourse Meta

Im fine with installing it as I see no harm in it


Could you install it?

Only if Replit staff approve