Throwing Errors with Storage Usage

Problem description:
When I am programming a website, no heavy loads or anything, there was a error showing I used 500 mb of ram when I had not even ran anything. I had to reload due to my browser glitching and It starting saying I was maxing resources

Expected behavior:
A smooth replit editor with little to no resources used

Actual behavior:
Replit editor throwing that I am using all of storage

Steps to reproduce:
Make the replit tab go away, other than closing it rather it be going to history in that tap etc. Then go and reopen replit in a new tap.

Bug appears at this link:

Opera GX/Windows 11 Home/Dell G15 Ryzen Edition.

Welcome to the community @DanielGoodman1!

Can you please send the link to your Repl?

I’m sorry I thought it was a bug, my browser hid a tab and I was running two instances. I’m sorry for wasting the form post