Threaded polling exception: A request to the Telegram API was unsuccessful

  • ( MainThread) ERROR - TeleBot: "Threaded polling exception: A request to the Telegram API was unsuccessful. Error code: 409. Description: Conflict: terminated by other getUpdates request; make sure that only one bot instance is running

Please help

Hello @aunvannda ! welcome to the forums!

For our community to assist you further, we don’t just want a error message, we want a code excerpt and/or a link to your repl ( both will be best ).
And I can see from the that the language is python. I have changed the topic tags accordingly. from Code Help to Python


error message: { error message here }

code snippet:

#code here

repl link: {repl link here}

if you are new to MD, you are to use triple backticks ( ``` ) for your code.


#start your code

He is endeavoring to employ the Python Telegram Bot package, and from the error message, it appears that he may have inadvertently initiated multiple bot instances concurrently. This concurrent operation is evidently leading to conflicts and clashes among them.