This repository possibly violates our Terms of Service

Não consigo importar um link do github, aparece um erro de violação.

That means it has bad content so the site mods manually blocked. Can you share a link to the repo so a mod can take a look? (cc: @RayhanADev)

Esse: GitHub - localip/nitro-sniper: A lightweight, fast and efficient discord nitro sniper, giveaway sniper & invite sniper.

Thats because Replit does not want things that snipe things that cost money (or anything for that matter)


Como assim? Custe dinheiro?

The host of the discord may have spent money on the giveaways and using a sniper to try and win these automatically is morally wrong as well as against the TOS of Discord.

At the bottom of the Github readme you can read the tips:

  • This is technically a self-bot: mentioning this in a Discord chat is enough to make your account reportable to Trust & Safety.
  • Running more than one instance or different snipers is an easy way to get your account deactivated or terminated.
  • Before using, consider the moral implications of stealing gifts from people and communities you have nothing to do with.

This is most likely why the repository is blocked from being imported into Replit.


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