This Program Will Make You Mad

This code you have written uses which language?

Amolang, something they created themselves.

No… They didn’t create AmongLang. Bmb, Dooms, Firepup, and some other people and I created AmongLang.

Also, I believe @arhanansari2009 was asking a genuine question. It’s Python.


I got confused on Who created this crazy language.

@QwertyQwerty88 This program will make you mad program is made in python right?
AmongLang consists of python, javascript

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Yes, this program will make you mad was made with Python.
AmongLang was made with Python (well we haven’t finished the interpreter yet).

Ok, Got you @QwertyQwerty88

@QwertyQwerty88 Can I use AmongLang in Replit?
If yes, please give link to the template or repl

@whileTRUEpass This is literally in my top 3 favorite “this program will make you made” snippets

Just regular python. The only reason I have the ඞ character is because it’s funny, and makes the program look worse. Also I discovered a few errors with the program, but I can’t fix it because the post won’t let me.

We can say this will also make the others peoples mad

I don’t understand the problem here


I don’t understand the problem here

Python might see one though

I want some snow! I love snow!

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My OCD is KILLING me because of that code.

You just had to use an fstring there didn’t you… ඞ

Yes, yes I did. I love fstrings, except when they’re useless. XD

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AmongLang isn’t finished.

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Can I help :), I’ve dabbled in Python lang building.

yeah for sure I added you

@QwertyQwerty54 ;-; I added him to the repl which is why I made it a repl in the first place so I could add up to 100 people