This platform is bonkers

I swear, when I started using replit I had a great time. Things were smooth and I didn’t have any problems. I miss those days.

Now I can’t stay connected to my servers. I have to launch and re-build multiple times per day. I get interrupted constantly with disconnects and reconnects. When I download a file from my project I get disconnected and cannot connect again for several minutes. I get frustrated on a regular basis now.

NO – I cannot deploy to solve this problem.
NO – My internet connection is not the problem.
Replit is the only site on the entire internet that I have a problem with.

I need things to improve or I cannot continue to pay for and work on this platform.


Disconnected 8 minutes after running.

Why do you need it to stay open for longer than 8 minutes, though?

Possibly because it’s using too much RAM/CPU?

That’s how development works, you need your servers to be running to get things done. I should be able to click the play buttons and run both sides of my app all day so I can work on them and then click stop when I’m done.

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Nah, I’m barely using anything on the backend app:


and here is the front:


While I’m complaining about things, a couple other issues that I’ve noticed are:

  • Deleting a folder (i.e node_modules) causes severe input lag for several minutes.

  • I think it’s because of the file history and autosave, but input lag starts to appear and get worse and worse as a file ages and receives many edits. The solution I found that works best is to just duplicate the file and delete the original to begin a fresh history.

I don’t know what’s going on, but today I’ve not been disconnected once so far. It’s a little freaky, but this is nice.

Cancel that, just had to connect to the backend app again.

Man, it was great all day until I said something and now it’s disconnecting left and right :frowning:

Okay, I’m curious why you can’t deploy the backend repl while working on the frontend repl? Unless you’re working on both simultaneously :thinking:

Yeah I’m working on them both at the same time. The backend app is also still on sqlite and so any changes do not persist when deployed.

The backend app is Strapi 4, and I’m stuck with sqlite until Strapi 5 launches and the long unique id issue can be dealt with so I can migrate to postgres: Tracking Issue - Database table, column, index, and foreign keys are too long · Issue #13117 · strapi/strapi · GitHub

I’ll still not be able to fully deploy, though, as I’m still adding lifecycle functions to various collection types in Strapi. As well as making schema changes.

The bottom line is that I can’t, and it won’t solve the problem. I don’t understand why I can’t just stay connected to the repl’s all day. I’ve never worked in any dev environment like this. Not only that, but it was stable and fine for months when I first started on this platform. It only got this way when they changed something and now ‘deploy’, ‘deploy’, ‘deploy’ is the answer to everything.


we’re starting to think of ways to support SQLite in Deployments. if you had the opportunity to deploy on a Reserved VM with some form of SQLite support, would you use it?

aside, can you share the URL of the Repl you are working with? that amount of disconnects sounds excessive.


I would suggest trying to clear your cache’s or using a different browser if you haven’t already.

Another consideration could be ram usage outside of replit, idk what others things you have running or pc stats, so sorry if that suggestion is irrelevant.

That will probably change nothing:

This likely (but not guaranteed) isn’t going to have an effect, because of what I quoted above.


I would under certain circumstances, but I don’t think so in this case. For later in development, when I have a separate stable version and users doing things, yeah that would make sense. But I’d need a pretty good reason to use that solution for development purposes only, and where it’s just me.

It increases complexity and delays the reflection of changes – time that may as well just be spent waiting for the app to rebuild after having just been disconnected.

I’d be happy to provide access to Replit staff, but I’d rather not make the projects public. You have been given access to both projects.

I’m not gonna clear my cache or try a different browser because the issue happens when using the Replit app as well and in the exact same way.

Yeah I don’t see ram being the issue either. I do hover around 80% ( I need an upgrade), but I do just fine. I also have Chrome’s memory saver disabled for all webpages.

Hi Luis, was anything learned from accessing my servers? I saw you pop in last week, but I’ve not heard anything since. I’m going to revoke your access for now, at least until you need/want it again.

Sometimes the disconnects feel like they peak around 3-4pm. On those days I might be fine all day long until around that time slot and then I get disconnected over and over again.