This is unacceptable

And look at that… Unacceptable. Really this needs to stop.

Found this on trending. This is a very good example of exploiting trending. It’s even worse when you look into the comment section, trust me you don’t want to look at it. I have reported some comments + the repl.
With not a single line of code, this repl made it INTO trending just by comments. And the amount of runs.

Compared to an actual chat app ( or any other repl that has > 100 runs ). And both of these repls aren’t even close to trending, even though they have 2+ likes and a few comments that are NOT from alts.

This is just unacceptable. Imagine exploiting trending just to get followers and runs on your repl, compared to some other people. Who had to make their way to trending without even a single alt boosting runs, likes, etc. This needs to get fixed.


I checked out their other Repls, and… they need to be banned.


like, 8-year olds on replit really should have the commenting privilege revoked entirely from their hands, especially for certain people:

who let them get access to the internet anyways?

This is a bit off-topic but they can, actually. I mastered Scratch and was learning a bit of Lua at 8.

Hey! Keep in mind us mods always check the reports! Please make sure to keep reporting all of these repls and we’ll take care of them. Thanks!