They don't care

So I bought the Hacker product 9 months ago as I needed an Always On Discord bot and using UptimeRobot wasn’t reliable. It worked very well.

Then they replaced it with Core which doesn’t allow Always On and expected me to pay more just to receive the funcionality I had already paid for.

I contacted support, who basically told me “they’re working on it” with no time frame and no apologies, and when I said that I would be unsubsciribing due to the utter contempt they’re showing for their customers, I was essentially told to not let the door hit me on the way out.

I can’t believe a company would crap all over the people who are putting money into their pockets.

It’s pretty clear their only focus is on money, and all this spiel about training the programmers of tomorrow is just marketing spin.

Their arrogance and horrendous treatment of customers is breathtaking.


The new equivalent is called Reserved VM Deployments. Idk if they’re included in Core though.

Otherwise, totally agree with you.


Replit is working on making it accessible through Core, but currently you cannot get it through Core.


soon :tm:

are you sure about that?

you should get soren to say it, but not to say it as in to jinx it.

(You literally replied in the topic?)