There should be a 3D feature, just like in Unity

There should be an option to make 3D games.

This feature would solve the problem of no having 3D.

I came across this problem while trying to figure out whether or not I could make a 3D game on replit.

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@GenericEngineer I don’t think Replit or any browser in general can easily handle 3D game creation. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that’s why so many 3D game creator apps are… apps. I do know you can upload unity files in HTML/CSS/JS repls and the 3D game will run.


There are 3D templates, you just have to look.


Thanks! I’ll just stick with Unity for 3D games then.

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The thing about Replit is that you make games from scratch, so that’s one thing that make it unique.


Browsers can handle 3D games and probably even simple editors nowadays with WebGL (which enables GPU utilisation). It’s just if you’re making a 3D game, you’re probably targeting a specific platform (or multiple) so you’re going to make a native app.


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