There is no "deploy" button

when i try going in the page where i would deploy my repl, even though i clicked any of the modes (Reserved VM / Autoscale / Static are all modes, i will focus on Static more), there is still no button that says “Deploy”.

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:wave: Welcome back @Ponali!

Currently, to statically deploy, you need to add a payment method, even if you will not have to pay anything (Static deployments are free until you go above your Egress/outbound data transfer limit)
Staff have said that it will change so you will not need to connect a credit card but we do not know when this will be.
I recommend you use some other software to host your static sites for now, such as Glitch, GitHub pages, CloudFlare pages, or W3Spaces.


Hey Ponali,

To deploy a static site, you’ll either need to add a payment method to your account or upgrade to Replit Core. You can find more information here:

“Users on the free plan will need to add a credit card before creating a Static Deployment. Free users also have 10 GiBs of outbound storage transfer. If you exceed 10GiBs, you will be billed for additional resource usage at $0.10/GiB.”

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