There are only 5 free GhostWriter messages allowed before you are required to pay

Why is this so? As a begginer Replit user, I need help from GhostWriter without the worry of having to pay the subscription.

Because Replit loves :dollar: :dollar: :dollar: :dollar:. If you really need something like ghostwriter idk maybe ask chatgpt


Or you could try the free browser extension Codeium
Should be similar to ghostwriter.

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Just use pikawriter (free w/ extensions beta). But anyways, don’t use the AI to code for you, learn how to code without AI and then sometimes use it when you know how to code to make things go faster.


Just make a bunch of alt accounts /j

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It depends on the account. My main account gets 25 free messages, but my newer alt account gets 5 messages. I think some people got 15. However, my main account is under a year old, so IDK if it’s actually age related.

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Damn that’s good. I wish I got more than 5. Even 10 would be OK.


It is because they want to make money :money_mouth_face:

My account is older than yours, and I got 15

I think it’s just a random multiple of 5 between 5 and 25.

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