Themes in Mobile and Replit Ask

I think transferring themes to other Replit services would go a long way. I say this because my eyes become hardwired to my custom theme, and when I switch to mobile(because I can’t always have my computer open) or I open to Replit ask to get or give code help, it becomes harder to read through. It’s a minor issue, I know, but honestly, minor issues are some of the best ones to fix.


Replit ask is a third-party service and the mobile app is still under heavy development. Next week, I’ll try to work on polishing the ask forum theme.

As for the mobile app, themes will be supported eventually, but not in a while.


What? The team is making an app for Replit Ask. That’s not needed since discourse already has an app for all the forums that run on discourse.

I think he was asking about custom themes for the Replit mobile app since custom themes aren’t supported there yet.

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I see that Replot ask won’t be able to support my custom theme then. That’s too bad, but I appreciate the assurance that I’ll get it in mobile eventually.

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In the distant future, that may be possible to get your own themes here (Just an idea here) but that would be in no less than 2 years don’t get your hopes up.

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