Theme: Ghost (Replit Theme)

So, this is my first actual attempt at making a theme… What do you guys think?

Ghost - Replit

It’s very nice! Only advice would be to make sure areas dont end up white on white, as this happened to an area and I could barely read.


It is a very nice light theme. However, you need to have sufficient contrast between the user interface and the text syntax highlighting, especially when selecting text in the text editor.

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Are you talking abt the nav bar on the side? Bc if so, I couldn’t figure out how to change it :sweat_smile:

What variable changes the syntax highlighting?

They syntax highlighting will change according to the corresponding colour in the “Code syntax theme”. You will need to scroll down to find them,

I meant when u r selecting text, what variable edits that.

“Primary” in the Global theme

hmmmmm, didnt work for me

It should have worked… (1)

idk :sob:

I tried all global variables, and nothing changed it lol.

The selection did change. To change the syntax highlighting, go to the “Code Syntax Theme”.

To make the selection change more obvious, I recommend using Dark Mode instead

yeah, it’s good, i dont see how red is a ghost color tho

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@JayAySeaOhBee14 you might want to remove (filler……….) from the title, i used to do that and I was warned


It’s cool, but function definitions are hard to read and I think the outlines could be a bit better. The navbar is also a bit hard to read. I also wish it was just a bit more consistent. The pink is nice but I wish it carried to the editor as well.

6.5/10 overall, nice job for your first attempt!

Edit: Never mind, turns out selecting text makes it completely pink, which make it nearly impossible to read. Unfortunately, I got to bump it down to a 6. Still, solid.