Theme disscusion

I know I made it myself. I want my theme as how dark the community Ask mod corner is (since I’m the only one as of now). Super dark mode


lol ok, Imma install :smiley:

EDIT: BTW I use Atom One Dark by ErickoXDev


I use red terminal somehow its 2k+ installs

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mmm, nice, did you make it?

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Yep, im something of a theme maker ig

I use VS Code Dark


Nice, but I find that one a bit too … gray for my tastes, but to each their own

Holy crap I saw the original post on the other topic Ethan, your theme is dark!

ikr, theme dark as actual tarnation

Thats why its called super dark mode


Sometimes I use Festive theme, it’s not just for Christmas cause I like it :slight_smile:

but… how do you, in all seriousness, actually use that?

Mine or the super dark sun killer one?

I guess both lol XD, yours is pretty close in cursed level to this and @not-ethan’s isn’t readable

if you are talking to me yes.

Well I have very good eyes so…

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No, you ain’t got good eyes, you got superman’s or something

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Not quite. I cant shoot lazers out of my eyes last time I checked

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This is the most cursed:

Pretty sure you should check again since you’ve used all you’re time absorbing as little light as possible, you SHOULD be able to shoot em by now

Can I see the link to your theme (I want to try it)