The UX of Replit Themes isn't good

Problem description:
I just tried to make a theme, and the experience wasn’t fun.

Expected behavior:
When I first tried to change a color, I expected to be able to click on the section where the hex color code is displayed and change it through there, just like an input. When I clicked on that, nothing happened.
I’m assuming the color picker is not a Replit based thing and is the browser color picker, but that has plenty of issues. Primarly, I have to click to change it to hex colors each time I want to change the color. Also? I can’t even paste in a color.

I can’t figure out how to remove a theme either. Luckily for me, the theme I had applied keeps randomly going away and showing up again.

Chrome on Windows 11

To change the hex value, just click this button (see image below) a couple times.


To turn off a theme, go to your account settings, and select what theme you want. Based off of the screenshot you provided, looks like you’re using the default dark theme.

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To prevent users from adding transparent colors or from abusing the theme editor, we have disabled the ability to edit the hex codes manually.

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You’re still able to edit it manually using the colour picker. Like @QwertyQwerty54 was saying, you can click those arrows at the bottom and change the colour picker to ‘hex mode’ and then you can directly edit the characters in that input box containing the hex code.