The Useless WEB 1.0 Replit

The Useless WEB 1.0

This web is pretty much useless :slight_smile: But is cool at the same time! It has different websites currently right now there are 31 Useless Websites! Want to add your own website to this? Comment down below with your website URL and a description of what exactly your website is!

Please do not add websites that track someone’s ip or something like that if our system finds out that your website, track’s ip’s. We’re instantly removing your website and reporting your username to Replit’s support team.

Also tell us how we could improve the website for maybe a 2.0 Useless WEB

If you donate cycles we will add your name to the website on the side Container, with how much cycles you donated, so basically a leaderboard of who donates the most! We will use the Cycles, to improve the website. Or to host things for you guys!