The use of join links for repls

Since the bug report cat was made, the community has hunted tons of bugs and mistakes. The community has improved a lot, I myself reported a bug with mentioning people in the chat on a repl! I’m sure that the Replit team loves all the bugs and mistakes the community finds. Reporting a bug or a mistake doesn’t only help Replit, but also the community!

One of the first topics, if not the first topic in #bug-reports was this topic made by Bardia. In this topic Bardia explained how to do a good bug report. The topic is divided in 2 parts :

  • A bug report should be able to answer the following questions
  • An effective bug report should include

This topic explains perfectly how to do a bug report, it’s important to remember that your bug report should answer all the questions, and you should fill all the parts of the bug report, but there are exceptions. In the second section Barida has a point in which he says that an effective bug report should include a link to a repl or a page. This guide will explain in more detail what link you should provide to a repl. When people this of a repl they think about two links :

  • Link to the repl profile view
  • Link to the repl workspace

When you’re writing a bug report you should put a link to the repl in the profile view. To the your profile view, I’ve got this trick :

  1. Go to your profile
  2. If the first letter of your username is in lowercase , change it to uppercase. If it’s uppercase, change it to lowercase.
  3. Search the new username

And then just click on the repl and get the link. That is the link that is needed on the bug report. If it’s a bug or mistake inside the workspace, no link will be needed! When you’re looking for help with a code you should also include this type of link to your repl. Like that it will not only be easier to get your help, but it’ll also be faster. Repl profile view links should also be shared in #general:showcase.

But know you might be asking yourself this :

When should join links be used?

Well, since the collaborations subcat was made lot’s of people shared there join links to repls, and they shouldn’t do it like that. Let’s say that someone posted a topic looking for collaborators. What you should do is reply to the topic and tell the that you would like to collaborate.

Then the author of the topic should message you by private, the link to the repl. It’s better to give joining links in private, and not in public!

If you’re looking for a great bug report example you can check mine, it was mentioned by Bardia!