The upload file isn't working

Problem description: When I click upload file, nothing happens.

Expected behavior: It is meant to take me to a page where I can select files to upload into my html file

Actual behavior: It does nothing after I click it

Steps to reproduce:

Bug appears at this link:

Browser/OS/Device: I’m using a chrome browser on a hp laptop

Hi @FavourVictor-Nu can you please provide more details e.g. what browser are you using to access replit?

Hey, I’ve done some testing, and I’ve found it has taken me pressing the button anywhere from 1-3, so maybe just keep trying until the file explorer opens

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Thank you very much for this, I’ve been able to get it to open

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Your welcome, thank you for the “solution.” :smiley:

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Hey @FavourVictor-Nu!

Can you please check if this issue happens on a different browser?

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I also have this problem, I am on mobile iOS safari
Here’s a video of the problem and the attempted solution


Reload the page, that’s what I did

Hey @HydrogenMacro!

Can you please download our official Replit mobile app and see if that allows you to upload the file? Alternatively, as @FavourVictor-Nu suggested, you can try refreshing the page a few times as well.

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