The update is ugly, you can see the one in the webview, it's ugly, what do you think the users of the replit will run out of, what are you doing, did you lose money or does it look like money?

Ugly update i cannot see my webview



code snippet

Fr bro! i hate this too! The urls that are generated are really horrible and long. Why couldn’t they keep it the same as last time, waht was so bad about it???


Replit announced they were switching their domain and getting rid of free hosting a long time ago.

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I saw their videos about it but i didn’t think it was going to be that bad

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Because they’re for development purposes only.

I know I just don’t like the fact that they removed the url

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I don’t care why they have to change it you know everyone who is oppressed is ready to oppose that

a lot of people have already talked about why the changes are bad (see Replit's new Social Features update) but as far I know it won’t be reverted any time soon


replit is no longer free bro don’t expect replit devs to help they dont actually care

The webview is perfectly normal by now.

Here’s the webview in action:

Many community members here (me included) aren’t staff and don’t have control over what is happening. We are trying to help everyone with their problems with Repls spotting bugs the best we can.

The staff do care, Replit’s goals are different than previously and now it is hard for us to see Replit eye to eye, but in the end the are trying to help our best interests while they are still trying to grow and being able to afford it.


What you say is that you only look like money, how come we don’t have payment, I wish you would have put all the payments so that no one will use your replit

Hmm i think same . even plan for private file code have no 7$ have only 20$ /month🥲

What exactly do you mean by “look like money”? I’d wish they had more payment methods for more convenience.