The Trouble of Installing ><

Lately I have had much trouble installing opencv, skimage, pillow, imageio… ever since I have been trying to make photoshop in python :melting_face: … I don’t understand if the problem is in the package I installed (Python38Packages.pip.out), the way I imported (there was a NoModuleFoundError in the console), or if it was merely a matter of the device I was using (an iPad, which probably has certain limitations when it comes to installing external libraries), but I seriously want to start this project (or better yet, FINISH it!)!

Hopefully you can see this screenshot, but if you can’t it is having to do with the infamous "unexpected ‘-’, at /home/runner/… If you could please help me to fix this irritating error! Upgrading pip is also a big headache for me, for some peculiar reason. Does anyone have a heat pack OR much preferably, a solution on how to upgrade pip without having some other dumb error?

If you could help me out I would really appreciate it! :blush:

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Hi @smsusanto !
What command are you executing in the Shell?
To upgrade pip, try entering pip install --upgrade pip into the Shell.

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I had no problems with importing Pillow.

The problem with importing OpenCV is solved.


That seems to imply something got added to replit.nix that shouldn’t have. Could you please send your replit.nix file? Also, could you share a link to your Repl if possible?

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