The Terminal (EARLY RELEASE) / V1.0.2

The Terminal

The Terminal is a somewhat clone of the windows command prompt that has existed since Windows CE 2.11. This version is able to do more user friendly tasks and requires no knowledge of the windows command prompt.


  • CPU Information (Cut due to replits poor choices on hardware)
  • Memory Information (Cut due to replits poor choices on hardware)
  • Disk Information (Cut due to replits poor choices on hardware)
  • Network Information (Cut due to replits poor choices on hardware)
  • GPU Information (Cut due to replits poor choices on hardware)
  • Math Problem Solving (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division)
  • Translate English to Spanish
  • Translate English to French
  • Translate English to Japanese
  • Very basic chatbot functions
  • Audio / Video player
  • Developer Mode
  • Notepad

Difference between builds

We currently have 2 different builds. The console build and our website build. Both of very much the same but the console build will house newer features and will be the grounds for testing new ideas. As such the more updated edition is going to be the console but the most official build is the website as it will have a stable build.


The Terminal is HIGHLY configurable with tags explaining what you can change and what it will affect. Almost everything is configurable in someway. And for advanced users they can change the entire program to make it to there liking.

Early Release

This program is in early access and has very few of the planned features that will be added to the final build. The early access build is designed to help give me feedback on what to improve, fix, add, and design. Please leave any feedback you have so I can make this program better and more user friendly!

Looking For Developers

If you know how to do any of the following and would like to work on this project please dm me. If you would like to just mess around with some early access features please contact me for a developer id code.

  • Replit Database (Python)
  • Music Player (Python)
  • Performance Improvements (Python)
  • SHA256 Encryption

Coming Soon…

  • SHA256 encryptor
  • Base64 encryptor
  • More chatbot functions
  • Drawing Pad
  • ???


An update log can now be found in the console build projects file
It’s official! Update codenamed: “Retarch” is in development and will be published soon…

(Special thanks to @QwertyQwerty88, @doxr for helping out!)

Need more help? View the file in the Repl for more information.

Website Edition / V1.0.2 (RELEASED)
Console Edition / V1.0.3 (EARLY)

Have a suggestion? DM @DistantShadows and share your idea!


Very interesting.


These shouldn’t be too difficult to add. (I can do it myself if you invite me)

You have been invited :slight_smile: Also the clear command is /clear


Music integration is in the works :slight_smile:


Developer mode has been released! Become a developer to gain access to more advanced features including:

  • Linux console skin
  • Python execution

More developer commands are coming soon! To get your developer key please dm me.


Notepad function has been released! To learn more about it read the file! Also looking for python devs!

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I’m a Python dev :slight_smile: What do you need?

I can do that. Does it need to be ReplDB though?

We are currently working on a rephrasing tool as well as a more advanced notepad

If you can store items that would be needed to run a notepad feature than you can use anything

Does it need to persist across browsers/sessions, or is the normal temporary storage fine?

Hold on one second we just ran out of storage
I guess I have to contact support

Can you clarify, please?

We can’t do it because it takes up to much space
aka just broke the project

We are back online!

Fixed Project

It isn’t a feature if it’s “not avaliable” …?

Also you can use,


to evaluate math expressions rather than hard coding them in.

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True, but we tried implementing it and failed so I guess that’s why Distant put that lol

Isn’t that, like, bad?

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Eval is pretty bad practice for running python code but I think its the only way to evaluate mathematical expressions using just builtins in Python. It’s useful because it can evaluate order of operations correction and such


Of course it isn’t, it would just be more complex than one line, I’ve done it before.

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Later today we should have a build that allows you to execute commands from our website. We will also still have a python console only version for those with school isp that block replit repl url’s


See if you can spot the new features/additions…

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