The system can't reach postgres database minutes after being deployed

Description of the problem (please keep it simple and short):
When I deply the system, it works perfectly;
however, after some downtime, the system can no longer connect to the database.
After entering the login, the screen stays blank.
To make the system return to work, I have to pause and resume the deployment…

The deployment log shows the following errors:
psycopg2.InterfaceError: cursor already closed

Explain what you were trying to do:
Access the system in production.

What areas or features are involved?
postgres database access

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Hello @fotografiadmd!

Are you deploying your app as Autoscale or Reserved VM?

Won’t matter.

This is because cursors and connections automatically close after 5 minutes. I have some code that automatically reconnects it, if you’d like it.

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But then what’s the point? Shouldn’t the db be always up or at least be turned on when receiving a request?

Not sure. That is how Neon works.

If you could send me the code s, I will appreciate very much.
Thank you for your help

You can create a new connection every request. Are you using Flask? If so, this code will (hopefully, it’s from memory) work:

# change "app" to whatever your app is actually called
def create_connection():
    # make sure "g" is imported from flask,
    # and change pool to whatever you've called it
    g.connection = pool.getconn()

def put_connection(response):
    connection = getattr(g, 'connection')
    if connection:
    return response
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I’m using auto scale

Exactly ! It´s what is written in the postgres docs, by the way… I think it is a bug.

I don’t use Flask, but creating a new connection every request sounds kind of insane. I would have to change all my code.
Furthermore, migrating the code from development to test/production would be quite laborious.
But thank you very much for your help. If nothing else solves this problem, I will try this code.

I don’t think so, the docs don’t have an app that’ll run forever, it just shows how to edit the database once (iirc)

Ok, so what am I doing wrong? I can’t find any solution about this.

Well did you try what I said? Creating a new connection every request seems to be how psycopg2 was intended to be used.

Guys, I found out what happened…
I was using the database URL, instead of usual connection with user, host, password, etc…

Sorry for waste your time…

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