The student cannot see the

I have edited the content for my student as follows:

However, my student is not able to see this guide. Here’s a screenshot of his UI:

From the tutorial, I can see there is a “Add Lesson Contents” link but such link is not visible on my UI. Please advise.

Hi @NurmanMus thanks for your post.

Did you update after the students started the task? If so the Repl they see was forked from an earlier version of your project template.

Any student who starts their project after you have made edits will get the most recent version.

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No. I created the even before the student starts the project. Also the student cannot see the file even. Please advise.

Can you try to download your repl and upload it on your student’s repl?

Please advise on the step-by-step instructions on how I can download my repl and upload it to my student’s repl? Also, would appreciate it if you could explain what we are trying to achieve here for downloading and uploading?

@NurmanMus you can download a Repl by clicking the three dots next to the left side that says \/ Files. Download it as a zip. Then you can get it onto your students device somehow, Finally you can upload a file upload your zip file, unzip the file and you should be good to go. (I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure this is how you do it.) Have a nice day :grinning:!

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I’m experiencing the same problem.

i also have the same problem, please advice.

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