The screen dose blank

Problem description

When I try to type on my code it crashes not the app but the code crashes and it’s just blank I can’t switch to counsel or anything it’s just blank after I just sit in the code for a minute and I am so bad it won’t work please help me fix this

Expected behavior

It should keep open and don’t crash so I can’t see the code anymore

Actual behavior

It shows a blank screen after me being in my code for like 30 seconds

Steps to reproduce

I go to my py code just wait a minute or two and then it will just pop up a blank screen and if you try too add code it will do the same thing I need help


I’m using the app



Device if mobile



Free plan

Here’s a picture

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Hi @9776q86tr7 , welcome to the forums!
Could you reproduce this bug on mobile web version or on a laptop?

Yes I will hold a minute

Can you add me on discord it’s easier for me to communicate and it’s hard getting to this page can you?

Hi @9776q86tr7 !
I’m sorry, but I do not have a Discord account.
Is it possible to reproduce this error on your side?

I can but am I able to send a video??

Yes, try pressing the upload button when in the reply box. If you cannot upload yet, read a few topics to increase your trust level.