The run project

There are a lot of users who are complaining about not being able to run the file they just worked in, like other IDE’s. I think we could make some templates to do just that, run the last edited file! I am looking for anyone who would be interested, and the project will be mainly in python.


  • Run the last edited file
  • Use a toml config system
  • Turn this into an extension

In case people did not realize, this is a collab request and I would like a response from anyone interested.

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I would love to help!!!

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you have been invited!

Alright, cool! It says I was invited to a team?

You probably already thought of this, but having a simply Python program or bash script that runs first and determines which file was last modified would work. Then that small program runs the most recently edited file. It would slow startup down a little bit but probably not much. It’s an interesting idea and would probably be really helpful, especially for beginners.


I am planning on compiling the result, so the impact should be minimized.

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@dragonhunter1 do you want to work on it rn?

Sure, although my class starts soon XD

Same lmao… but I still have 40 minutes.