The Replit code editor is broken

Problem descriptions:

  • When I press tab whilst typing in the Replit code editor, it jumps to the next pane instead of indenting.
  • Pressing enter also creates two new lines instead of one, and doesn’t carry over the indentation of the line above.
  • Ctrl + F and Ctrl + G shortcuts don’t open the custom Find bar when typing in the code editor.

Steps to reproduce:
Press tab whilst in the Replit code editor.

Chrome browser (Chromebook).

Edit: It has just randomly stopped doing this for me. I don’t know anymore… :cry:

Yes, somebody else reporting something i reported some time ago.
I suffered of this issue on safari/mac and it gets worse (enter causing lines to be inserted but the cursor stays where it is, and so on).
Luckily I have a windows laptop and PC i use now for replit.

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Make sure your cursor is focused on the code before pressing Tab.

I think this is the issue.

Not in my case. After some times using safari it would just change pane with tab no matter what. So i changed computer

@BumChops if the bug is fixed, mark any post as solution because I don’t think it matters lol and so the topic can close. If it reoccurs, please post.

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This issue is occurring to me on the iPad with Safari.

all 3 issues are occurring again? A Loom might be useful to see what’s causing this

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