The Replit app breaks compatibility with MacOS 10.14.x without notice

Problem description

I logged in via the replit mac app, which takes me to the browser to complete log in.
It says there’s an update for the application, and it will restart the app to update.
Then when trying to relaunch the app, it says it is not compatible with MacOS 10.14, it requires 10.15.

Expected behavior

The app should:

  1. notify the user that updating will break compatibility and not work on the user’s mac BEFORE UPDATING
  2. not update if it will break compatibility - a working app is more important for a student than being up to date
  3. the app should remain compatible with MacOS 10.14 - developers should check their build and remain compatible.

Actual behavior

Instead, the app

  1. does not notify the user that updating will break compatibility until it’s already too late
  2. does not give the user a choice to not update
  3. breaks compatibility.

Steps to reproduce

Macbook air from 2017 running MacOS 10.14.6, replit app prior to 1.0.6.
Log in.
See that it forces the update, and only find out the broken compatibility AFTER attempting to restart.

Replit team, all I wanted to do was log in and do my homework, and you’ve broken it.




mac os 10.14.6

Device if mobile



free tier

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