The package, Idkwhttph (the updated one)

All you have to do is to pip install the package in shell like this:

pip install idkwhttph

to install it to the latest version, do:

pip install idkwhttph==0.3.7


pip install -U idkwhttph

only versions 0.2.5+ work.

It has many functions, please refer to this small doc made by @SalladShooter

Idkwhttph Package

Idkwhttph package is a multi use text styler and backend helper. It includes many built in functions to make it easier for you to do great things.

What can it do?

• Center text in the middle of the screen
• Typewriter effect
• Backup and load database files
• Make code into characters
• Setting the title of a project
• Clearing the screen of text
• Clearing a line of text
• ANSI text styling
• Printing layers
• //Option menu//
• Crashing
• Syncing databases
• Enter to continue
• //Signup and login presets//


  1. printInMiddle(text, columns)

• Print in middle prints text in the center of your output console.

  1. write(string, speed)

• Adds a type writer effect when printing a string, you can change the speed of which it types out the text.

  1. create_backup(data_base)

• Makes a backup of your database and stores it into a JSON.

  1. load_backup(data_base)

• Loads your backup from the JSON file and puts into your database.

  1. save_backup(data_base)

• When you create a backup you can save it so if something happens it is perfectly fine.

  1. sync_backup(data_base)

• Syncs your backup to the platform you are using.

  1. code_to_chars(code)

• Turns your code into characters.

  1. set_title(title)

• Adds a title to the project you are working on.

  1. clear_screen()

• Clears the console of text, the result will make the console empty.

  1. clear_line()

• Clears the latest line of text in the console.

  1. ####show()
    • shows the cursor

  2. hide

• Hides your cursor

• 13-15 have been deleted for a few unlisted reasons.

  1. options(prompt, menu, title, bold)

• Adds a select menu with specified inputs from the user to customize the menu.

  1. crash()

• Crashes the Python code, causing the console to stop outputting.

Code Presets:

  1. Sign_In()

• Adds a signup feature to your code, it stores and saves the credentials safely.

  1. Log_In()

• Pairs with the sign_in function to allow people to access things when logged in.

Product made with love by: @Idkwhttph

Post written with love by: @SalladShooter

Please do note that the current latest version is 0.3.7. And that the small little desc about the package is only on 0.3.7
0.3.7 includes:
Able to use more than just replit database. But the data must be in a form of a dict.
create_backup(),sync_backup(),load_backup(),etc now has 1 parameter: data_base. ( the name of your db )

Thank you so much if you are reading this lol. Almost Everything is made by me, I did not copy anyone’s code. Well, atleast almost everything.Eg. I copied the crash() function from SO ( stackoverflow )

PYPI link

ok bye thanks
uwu idkwhttph

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Thank you for sharing this @Idkwhttph !

Can you explain which other databases are supported? I noticed you mentioned that this version of the package allows you to use more than just the replit database and I’m curious!

@Idkwhttph odd thing I noticed, it doesn’t happen in the PM we had but why aren’t the headers working? They just display ####. Very odd indeed.

Basically any database that can be converted ( the db data ) into a dict or a database that stores info in a form of a dict. In this case for replit db, you can follow this sample code here:

from idkwhttph import create_backup
from replit import db
db['Hi'] = 'Hello!'

And you should see a backup_file created with the info inside.

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Then you should yank, or remove all together the versions below 0.2.5.

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Yanked all of them, 0.1.0 to 0.2.4

You also yanked 0.2.8, is that intentional?

Yes it was intentional. I was gonna add bcrypt but it just didn’t work how I wanted it to. It just broke the password system, so I just yanked it. At first, it worked, no problems.
But then after like 5 mins I tried again, did not work. I tried the password over and over, still didn’t work.
So I just yanked it.

tbh, I should yank most releases of my package, as they outright crash upon import, or crash upon trying certain things. This is why I test everything new before I release now.

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With that, I am proud to announce, you do not need colorama and cursor to install the idkwhttph package. This will now minimize the time to install the package, just do

pip install idkwhttph==0.3.1

and you won’t have to install so many packages, which will save your time. Instead, I have thrown the colorama and cursor source code into the main code for everyone 2 use.
just do

from idkwhttph import show,hide
show() # this shows the cursor
hide() # hides the cursor

and now, Instead of just waiting for the poetry to add the colorama module, with the idkwhttph module, it is like a combination of many other modules put together, just do

from idkwhttph import Fore,Style,Back,Cursor

or do

from idkwhttph import F,S,B,C

And you won’t have to wait anymore to install the colorama package ( if it is not installed )


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Hello, I am proud to announce that a new update is out now!
The new version is 0.3.2, just do

pip install idkwhttph==0.3.2

to use the new version of idkwhttph!

0.3.2 Includes:

fixes for password not working.
added bcrypt. Using bcrypt.gensalt(30) to verify and make secure passwords.
The verfication for the password MAY be slow as we are generating 2^30 rounds of salt or around 1.07 billion rounds.
Thank you for waiting and have a nice day!

However, the download process may be a little bit slow. As we have added bcrypt as a required package to install. Very sorry to everyone for the slower download process, thank you!

Or, they could just do:

pip install -U idkwhttph

Poetry also exists:

poetry add idkwhttph
# ^ First time only

poetry update idkwhttph
# ^ Second time onward

We have added 2 new functions which are salt_password(password:str,strength:int)-> str and verify_salted_password(password:str,stored_password:str,strength:int) -> bool
to use these, just do:

pip install idkwhttph==0.3.3

And you know what it pretty much does.

As I mentioned above, that’s not required in most cases, and you can have a one-command fits all solution as well.

new update, its a copy and paste one, nothing much :confused:
ppl r confused on how to use options for this. To use it, do:

from idkwhttph import get_input
#prompt, enter a str for a prompt, else enter False and No prompt will be given
#menu, a list is required to run this menu.
#Title, your title of a game. Enter False if not used.
#Bold, makes your text bold, requires a True or False,else the function returns as nothing.
#PIM, prints your title in the middle, if there is no title, this has no effect on printing
pim = True
boldness = True
title = 'Place_Holder_Title'
prompts = 'Place_Holder_Prompt'
menus = ['Place_Holder_Menu_1','Place_Holder_Menu_2','Place_Holder_Menu_3']
x = get_input(prompts,menus,title,boldness,pim)
match x:
  case 0:
#and so on

Sorry for the inconvenience caused! I have yanked versions 0.3.5 and 0.3.6 due to some issues with a features! Hope you can understand. Ty!

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