The Output screen gets this error "There was an error connecting to the server"

Could you try placing the code I provided at the top of your code? It should open up a different tab when you do.

I have done that but the website is unavailable

Could you try opening in a new tab? There should be more than it refusing to connect.

I just tried to and this is what it said:

" This site can’t be reached refused to connect."

Huh, it shouldn’t be doing that. Something in your network is blocking it because that URL works for me.

It works perfectly fine on school network but not home network for me and I don’t know why.

Maybe I have to ask the Administrator to unblock the url?

That wouldn’t make sense on a non-school network. My best suggestion is to try using a VPN or something.

I don’t know how to use a VPN because I’ve never used a VPN before.

How do you change the webview tab back to the normal output tab?

never mind i got it.

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