The next.js page can not shown is Webview tab

I created a Next.js project and executed the “npm run dev” command. A Webview tab popped up automatically, but the Next.js page was not shown on the Webview tab. Instead, the following message was displayed:
" により途中で接続が切断されました。 "
Could you please check and let me know how I can resolve this issue?

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Hey @zhaoyuying!

Is this issue happening for lowcode-engine or real-estate-cms?

Hi @ShaneAtReplit!
Thanks for your reply.
This issue is happening for real-estate-cms2. Please check it.

Thanks, we will take a look!

Can you please try forking the Repl to see if that resolves the issue?

Hi @ShaneAtReplit
I tried it, but the issue is not resolved. Please check it more.

Understood, we are continuing to look into this!