The mysterious:

The mysterious IP I received:

Ok so I’m getting more used to the forum now. Anyways, I wanted to create a repl based off the title it gave me. “TinyAgressiveFirewall” Now assuming you understand what a firewall is, it of course mingles with internet. So I turned the “firewall” 's normal mode on: 7 times I get an accepted call from With no message. About every half minute or so it keeps sending me calls. I traced it bck to some random replit code with the same IP but nothing really pointed it to the calls.

Its probably something really stupid and its a common feature and how did I not know or something…


Very interesting when I look up the location I receive a “reserved” error message.

EDIT: preliminary research shows that IPs are private


Then either Replit’s hiding something or they don’t want people messing around with their code. Most likely the latter. Case solved.

EDIT: Slapped it into good ol’Opentracker out of curiosity. Yielded no good results.

What I find weird is the fact that demographic data is on for a server that nobody is going to visit.


This is almost identical to the IP address that my Repl’s server runs on. The only difference is the last digit.


Prolly closed off too then.

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Hey guys, now I think that this is actually replit itself trying to access my server